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CO₂ storage

Our best chance to act was a generation ago. Our second best chance is now.

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CO₂ storage

Carbon storage is an essential part of the energy transition process, capable of sequestering massive volumes of CO₂ from the chimneys of industrial emitters before they enter the atmosphere. Storegga’s Acorn development in St. Fergus, North East Scotland, is the crown jewel of our portfolio and one of the most mature CCS projects in the UK.

The UK government has a target of storing 50 million tonnes (MT) by 2035, at a rate of 10 MT a year by 2030. According to the Climate Change Committee, which monitors the government’s progress against its targets, this requires a major acceleration of the CCS cluster track process.

Beyond Scotland, Storegga is involved in conversations across Europe, including a partnership with Sval Energi in Norway. We also signed a partnership agreement with Talos Energy in the US to progress CCS in the Gulf of Mexico in 2022. Click here to read more about our developments.

Our Heritage


Storegga has over fifteen years of expertise in carbon storage, starting with the pioneering work of its founders’ original business CO2DeepStore. The founders then went on to establish Pale Blue Dot, a specialist decarbonisation consultancy.  Pale Blue Dot’s development of the Acorn carbon store in the North Sea led to the acquisition by Storegga in 2020.

The company has evolved from an exploratory single R&D project into a mature international developer, attracting global interest for its technology and expertise. While our skill set draws on a history of geological experience learned in oil and gas, we have spent the last 15 years developing a specialist technical team, expert in the different skill sets required to inject captured CO₂ into rocks and store it safely and permanently.

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