Storegga is a private company backed by shareholders GIC, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., M&G Investments, Macquarie Group and Snam. Storegga has the emerging asset base and the financial backing to become one of the world’s leading independent carbon reduction and removal companies. 

Storegga has grown from a developer of a cluster of Scotland-based decarbonisation projects into an international player.  Storegga have projects in the UK, the US and Norway and are evaluating further decarbonisation opportunities in other locations. The UK’s advanced decarbonisation blueprint and its emerging carbon management chains are adaptable to other areas of the planet that are seeking high integrity, large scale decarbonisation.

Storegga’s ability to identify high quality decarbonisation projects; engage with important influencers such as local governments and communities; and connect with development partners make them an ideal partner.
Their model is realised by working with strategic investors that are fully aligned with plans to reduce, remove and reverse harmful carbon from the atmosphere. 

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