CO2 storage

Our best chance to act was a generation ago. Our second best chance is now.



Storegga uses proven geological stores many kilometres below the earth’s surface, to safely and permanently lock away harmful CO2 which has been captured from industrial emissions processes or drawn out of the atmosphere.

CCS has been proven in industrial-scale projects globally, with the world’s first industrial CCS project in continuous operation since 1996. Now, CCS projects are being developed in industrial regions across the globe because it is the most effective way to prevent or remove the CO2 emissions from our atmosphere in volumes significant enough to slow the pace of climate change. These emissions have been generated from modern society through things like power generation and industrial processes like manufacturing.

CO2 storage in deep geological formations is also known as ‘geo-sequestration’. It has a big part to play in a sustainable future.

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Carbon Capture and Storage has three phases


Using proven technology, similar to that used in many oil refineries, emissions from industrial processes can be captured and treated to remove the CO2. This CO2 is compressed and processed ready for transportation.


The CO2 is then pumped down pipelines which transport it to the storage location. Carbon capture projects that do not have immediate pipeline access to storage can transport liquified CO2 by road, rail or ships to permanent storage in offshore or onshore geological locations.


Using conventional oil field technology, the CO2 is injected deep underground in secure, monitored, geological formations often within or adjacent to sites from which carbon in the form of oil, gas or coal was held for millions of years – essentially putting the CO2 back where it came from. Caprocks or other trapping mechanisms prevent CO2 from escaping to the surface. Over time, the trapped CO2 binds with elements of the surrounding rock to create solid, chalky minerals, permanently locking the CO2 into the rock.


Storegga’s CEO, Dr Nick Cooper, is the CCUS Taskforce Champion for the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), launched by the former Prince of Wales in 2020 under the mandate of the Terra Carta.

Its aim is to build a coordinated global effort to enable the private sector to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

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