North Sea Midstream Partners become participants in the Acorn Project

07 December 2021 - The Acorn Partners – Storegga, Shell U.K Limited (“Shell”) and Harbour Energy (“Harbour”) – are pleased to announce that North Sea Midstream Partners (“NSMP”) has acquired a 10% interest to become a participant in the Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) and Hydrogen Project. Storegga, Shell and Harbour each now hold a 30% interest in the Acorn Project.
NSMP is a leading independent midstream company with large scale gas infrastructure assets serving the North Sea. NSMP’s St Fergus gas terminal (“SFGT”) is ideally positioned geographically to host the key Acorn infrastructure, it also has existing facilities and operating and maintenance service provision capability with the associated power, utilities and support services required for such a development. NSMP believe that SFGT can help simplify and accelerate the development of Acorn by enabling all users to benefit from the synergistic opportunities that can be derived from a collaborative shared infrastructure and services business model.
The NSMP owned SFGT site is an integral part of the Acorn CCS hub in North East Scotland. Delivering the Acorn CCS infrastructure in the 2020s is vital to enabling the United Kingdom to meet its net zero commitments by 2050, and for Scotland to meet legally binding 2030 emission reduction targets and the earlier 2045 Net Zero path.
With over one third of the UK’s known CO2 storage resource located within 50km of the pipeline corridors from the St Fergus gas terminal, and a demonstrated demand from both UK and international industries wanting to use the Acorn CO2 transport and storage system to permanently store their industrial emissions before 2030, this reinforces the urgent need for the development of this world class infrastructure.

Nick Cooper, CEO Storegga, Lead Developer of the Acorn Project said:
“We are very pleased to welcome NSMP as a strategic partner in the Acorn Project. NSMP has a track record of owning critical midstream infrastructure across the North Sea.
“We need to be developing as many UK CCS projects as possible now to support rapid decarbonisation. The UK cannot reach its Net Zero targets without the CCS capacity of projects such as the Acorn Project, and it has to be a priority for accelerated development. We do not have the luxury of choice, the climate issue is urgent, there is no time to lose.”

Andy Heppel, CEO NSMP said:
“We are delighted to become a partner and look forward to working alongside the other Acorn partners to rapidly develop the Project in support of the UK Net Zero targets.
“Together with our long-term operating partner px Group, we are committed to playing a leadership role in the achievement of a net zero future and investing to ensure that we have the operational capability, resources and skillsets to deliver our energy transition objectives for our shippers and wider stakeholders.

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Notes to Editors
Acorn Project

The Acorn CCS and Hydrogen Project provides critical backbone infrastructure to the Scottish Cluster. Storegga, Shell, and Harbour Energy are equal partners in the Acorn Project, each holding a 30% interest, alongside North Sea Midstream Partners which holds a 10% interest in the Project. Acorn is one of the most mature UK CCS and hydrogen projects and is positioned to be the most cost-effective and scalable CCS project in the UK. The project is currently in the detailed engineering and design phase of development and can be operational by the mid-2020’s, providing a clear pathway for the UK to meet its net zero targets. Acorn is specifically designed to service multiple emitters around Scotland, the UK and Europe. As such, it can rapidly scale up to meet expected demand, with the ability to remove at least 20mtpa of CO₂ emissions within the first decade of operations.

Storegga is an independent, UK-based carbon management business at the forefront of the global Net Zero strategy. It champions and delivers carbon capture and storage (“CCS”), hydrogen, and other subsurface renewable projects in the UK and internationally to accelerate carbon emission reductions.
Storegga is the lead developer of the Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) and Hydrogen project, providing essential infrastructure to help the UK meet its net zero targets.
The Acorn Project will provide critical backbone infrastructure for the Scottish Cluster and emitters across the UK. The Scottish Cluster unites communities, industries and businesses to deliver CCS, hydrogen and other low carbon technologies, supporting Scotland, the UK and Europe to meet net zero goals.
Storegga has partnered with leading engineering and technology groups at the forefront of their fields to accelerate infrastructure development. The Company has partnered with Carbon Engineering to develop Direct Air Capture (“DAC”) in the UK.
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For more information on the Acorn CCS and Hydrogen Project, please visit: About Acorn – Acorn CCS -

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North Sea Midstream Partners (NSMP)
NSMP is a leading independent midstream business with large-scale gas infrastructure assets serving the North Sea. NSMP transports and processes natural gas from customers across the West of Shetlands, Northern North Sea, Norwegian North Sea, Central North Sea and Southern Gas Basin. NSMP provides essential services to over 35 fields owned by energy majors, utilities and independent producers, through a combined gas pipeline length of nearly 600km making NSMP’s infrastructure the largest and most diversified gas transportation and processing system in the UK. NSMP is committed to using its assets to make a positive difference to both security of supply and the energy transition.
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